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- Menu -

Our menu evolves with the seasons, the inspiration of the chef and the producers.


A carte blanche menu to compose according to your appetite, in 4 to 7 sequences.

This menu is offered to you after having taken note of your possible dietary restrictions. All you have to do is to enjoy the moment.


For those who wish, the menu can be whispered to you by word of mouth


Market menu in 4 sequences €38 

    Wine pairing, 3 wines (12cl) 24€

Carte blanche in 7 Sequences 69€ 

    Wine pairing, 5 wines (6cl) €38


creative and modern cuisine, 100% house made; 

bread, sauce, desserts, sorbet and icecream, sweets…


We try to get the much local produces as possible, organic, fresh and from our land

Seasonnal food, fresh and wild caught fish, fresh and locally sourced meat as much as possible 

House made drinks, cocktails with a local twist, locally sourced wine (max 50km around the restaurant)

beers localy brewed, herbal tea from our garden...


Black Truffel menu (during winter only)


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