Truffe noire melanosporum

The world best black truffe, as we call it : "Rabasse", is a delicacy
Harvested from mid November to march
fresh black truffles are taking part of my cuisine all winter long for dedicated menus menus prepared with truffels in every single dish

I select my truffels weekly with my friends and local producers. Fresh and from our region only!


We are part of "Truffe Emotion" Association


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- Black Truffel Menu -

From two courses to five courses, 60€ up 130€ per person, the price is also depending on the truffle market price

This is an exemple of menu for 2019/2020 winter truffle season

Tuber Brumale Truffle et Tuber Mélanosporum Truffel only

Selected from Richerenches, Grignan and Enclave des Papes


Seared Foie gras , chestnut cream

 Roasted Hazelnut and Richerenches shaved Black Truffle


Potato, Scalop and Tuber Brumal Black Truffle creamy soup

Nyons Olive oïl, crostini, Tuber Melanosporum Black Truffel whipped cream

Slow cooked Guinea fowl breast stuffed with Black Truffel

Reduced jus, compressed root vegetable , Celeriac puree with Melanosporum Black Truffle




Baked cod with Black Truffel

Cauliflower and Parmeggiano cheese puree, Truffeled Japanese artichoke

Cheese/ Dessert

Aged Brie cheese with Black Truffel
Weiss chocolate mousse cake infused with Truffel
Black Truffel iced cream,
Smoked chocolate and a Black truffle white chocolate crémeux

Price includes taxes and service

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Encore un beau week end de truffe! Suprê